Best Nugenesis Dip Powder Products

After five decades, nail dip powder systems have resurfaced with vigour. Everyone out there is talking about them, and they are taking the beauty industry with a frenzy. Their popularity has mostly risen from social media where they are giving other nail polishes a run for their money. Furthermore, their popularity has not only risen from their new entry into the market but also because of their numerous merits over the typical competitors. Currently, there are a hoard of nail polishes that one can choose from including the gel-type, gels regular nail polishes and dip powders. However, as many people become aware of the dip powder system, the number of users has continued to increase drastically.

Nugenesis is a trending nail powder that shows massive progress, innovation and competition in the beauty industry. Dip powder system is a perfect substitute for traditional gel polish and acrylics. Nugenesis dip nails are different from, Kiara sky nails, OPI dip nails and SNS nails, among other dip nails in that it is organically processed. Furthermore, nugenesis liquids contain essential minerals like calcium and Vitamin E to ensure increased durability and flexibility of the nails. The resultant coat lasts longer than those from typical gel polishes. Nugenesis does not contain compounds like primers that may lead to health problems. It is also odour free and non-toxic. LED and UV lights are not required to dry it out. The combination of all the essential features ensures that both the nails and nail beds remain healthy and nourished. After a few applications, the nails begin to look more natural and stronger than before. If you are looking for the best products for your nugenesis dip nails, you should consider some of the products featured in this article.

Is Nugenesis Easy to Remove?

Nugenesis dip nails use similar application criteria to that of the other dip nails. However, after almost a month of having the coatings on the nails, some people imagine that the layers are hard to come off. It is easy to remove nugenesis dip nails than typical gel and acrylic polishes. You only need a non-acetone base or acetone, cotton and a foil to remove it. Soak the cotton in acetone and wrap it around each fingernail for 10 to 15 minutes after which the layers begin to peel off. It is good to apply some moisturizer on the nails after the removal of the coating to replenish the lost moisture.


Why DND Gel Polish Is Unique

Currently, there are different nail products on the market. Some are harmful, while others are genuine. Before falling for a specific brand, it is vital to be acquainted with all its aspects to know whether it is the best brand. If you wish to try DND nail polish, then there is a lot that you need to learn first. DND nail polish is a state-of-art of polishes produced by the most innovative team of professionals to ensure the best quality and consistency in the beauty industry. The wide variety of colours available in their portfolio is evidence of the groundbreaking team that still manages to maintain the quality of their products. There are more than 200 different colours that provide customers with a huge variety to choose from and efficiently meeting their needs. The affordability of their products is exceptional. Furthermore, no special skills are needed to use the products. 

dnd gel polish

Benefits of Using DND Gel Polish

Variety of Colors

Everyone is interested in nail polishes that are unique and can speak out their personality. You can only achieve this if you have a wide range of colours to choose from. Thanks to over 200 DND colours, you will have the widest continuum of colours. It is also more comfortable when you have a stock of different colours that you can use on different occasions or office ethics. The good thing is that there are different sets in different DND product that blends impeccably with your nails from dnd nail supplies. This way, it gets easier to make informed decisions.

Thinner Formulation

The formula used in the manufacture of DND gel polish and that used in the production of regular nail polish is similar. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about the degree of breathability of your nails. Also, integrating it into your day-to-day use becomes easy. The formula is made in such a way that the nails can easily blend with the surface of your nails, leading to a manicure that lasts longer than others.


Tips for Baby Care after Pregnancy

After postpartum, every woman needs to rest and give their body ample time for healing. At this time, you also have to think about the new member of the house. You have taken all the precautions during the pre-pregnancy, but you have to be extra careful after pregnancy. Mostly this stage will last till 7-8 months from giving birth to your baby. Nutrition and sleep need to be supplied to you and your baby correctly. Again, the correct temperature and milk for pregnancy should be taken regularly by your newborn. You have to check on that.

Tips for Baby Care

Transformation after Giving Birth

You know it already throughout the pregnancy, and after that, your body will go through various changes. Even you will experience transformation in your mood and mental health. All of this is due to the hormonal changes that you and your baby go through.

Physical Changes   

Usually, women experience constipation issues after their delivery. It does not matter whether C-sec or standard delivery. The iron pills that you have consumed during pregnancy can result in this.


Post-delivery depression is commonly found in all women.  Do not stress or worry about it. You can check with your therapists, and with time, it will go away.


How to Go Longer Between Perms and Hair Straightening Treatments

Your stylist already warned you to wait a couple of days before you wash your hair.

The chemical treatment takes 48 to 72 hours to settle.

If it was a perm, they probably also said don’t comb it or brush it for the first day.

And they reminded you not to get a color treatment for a couple of weeks.

It’s not just that your hair is more fragile right now. The advice is also meant to help you enjoy your new style for longer.

I don’t know about you, but I was always on a tight budget. I always tried to squeeze one more week between treatments.

Plus, I’d seen the damage that too much styling could do to someone’s hair.

Those are the reasons why I wanted to share this information with you today.

Let’s see if we can help you extend the time between this perm and the next. The same rules apply to dyeing and straightening treatments.

How to keep chemically-processed hair looking great for longer

Like every good stylist will tell you: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize (1).

Well-hydrated hair can handle chemical treatments and styling. It’s elastic and strong.

Not only does it look healthy, but it feels good.

As you age, it becomes even more important to condition your hair, too.

Once you begin washing your permed hair, always use conditioner. Don’t be shy about hair masks, either.

Even oily hair can benefit from moisture. That’s because sometimes your scalp produces extra sebum to compensate for the dehydration.

If it’s not thirsty, maybe it won’t get so greasy.

Treat permed hair as if it were naturally curly. Give it plenty of hydration.

For example, the best best conditioners for permed hair won’t relax your curls. They will make them shiny, bouncy, and less likely to break or split at the ends.

But there are other tricks you should know.


How to Do a Spa Facial at Home for a Third of the Price

It’s time to pamper yourself.

You can enjoy the benefits of a facial without leaving the comforts of home.

All it takes is a few minutes of shopping and a little free time.

What do you need for a facial?

When you visit the spa, they do a multi-step skin treatment.

A visit may cost seventy-five dollars or more.

For twenty-five or less, you can buy everything you need to do it at home.

At a minimum, you’ll need skin cleanser, exfoliator, and a mask or hydrating cream.

Chances are you have some of these things already.

Let’s look at the steps and products.

How to do a home facial

Start with cleansing.

For this part, you could use your regular face wash and warm water.

Take off your makeup and relax.

Plus, when you use a product that you’re familiar with, you’re unlikely to end up with irritated skin.

Next, it’s time to exfoliate.

Before you begin, you might want to steam your face to open the pores.

Close your eyes and hold your face over a bowl of steaming hot water for a few minutes. You can drape a towel over your head to hold in the vapor.

Then, if you have dry or sensitive skin, go easy. Instead of a scrub, use a gentle exfoliator.

This could be a motorized brush like the Clarisonic and a creamy cleanser.


Get The Most From Essential Oils By Avoiding These Mistakes

 Someone once compared essential oils to kitchen knives.

Both are tools, and both can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

Here are tips to avoid mistakes and get the most from essential oils.

Essential Oils

Don’t Underestimate How Potent Essential Oils Are

Since they are derived from plants, we forget that essential oils are potent and can be harmful.

When you’re flavoring food with spices, a little goes a long way.

So the next time you plan to use essential oils on your skin, dilute them. At full strength, they might burn your skin.

Worse, you could end up becoming sensitized to them. That’s like developing a permanent allergy which prevents you from using them in the future.

Think of essential oils as spices or like tomato paste that needs to be diluted before you use them.

Using a carrier oil is essential when you use essential oils to treat acne because skin with pimples is already irritated.

Also, always dilute essential oils when using them on children or if you’re pregnant.


Blessings and Vital Energy – Our March Theme

As we transition into Spring, we start to notice all sorts on wonderful things happening around us – the days are getting longer, the bees are getting busier, the grass is getting greener and the flowers are soon to starting to bloom. There’s a palpable surge of life-giving energy that flows through our being as we participate in mother nature’s rebirthing cycle. In sanskrit, this lifeforce energy is known as “prana” and in the chinese culture it’s known as “chi”. Whatever you like to call it, this month we honor the lifeforce that flows through each of us as the earth begins her cycle of renewal right before our eyes.

Coming Soon: 5-Free Manicures & Pedicures with Chrome Girl

Guess what?! Ok, too easy to guess because of the headline. Later this month we are so excited to start offering manis and pedis in our spa using a 5-free nail polish line called Chrome Girl. 5-free products are every bit as awesome as the best mainstream nail polish except they don’t contain these 5 questionable chemicals: formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, fomaldehyde resin or camphor. The less toxins you feed your body the better, right?
The first 100 customers to come in our store to pick up our promotional NAIL ANGEL will receive 20% off their first mani or pedi service at Love!

Service Spotlight: Love Staff Picks for Spring

Renewal (Shiatsu massage)

Shiatsu, often called “finger pressure massage”, is the Japanese art of massage using kneading, pressing, tapping and stretching techniques to open the meridians of your body and create a sense of inner peace.  
What does shiatsu feel like? Because the pressure is applied with fingers, thumbs or palms, you’ll feel more localized sensations. Some pressure points may feel tender, but not painful. This type of massage can be just as relaxing as your good old swedish. Try it for yourself!
50 minutes: $90
80 minutes: $130

Ginger-Lime Sugar Scrub

This super yummy, all natural sugar scrub is used in our Enliven body treatments to exfoliate you from neck to toe, and is the perfect add on to any other spa treatment. It exfoliates, hydrates and conditions the skin using sugar, shea butter, coconut oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, apricot kernel oil, pumpkin seed oil, noni oil, ginger root oil and lime oil. The scent is incredible and the results are amazing!
Enliven Scrub: $100
Hands Free add on: $25
Ginger Lime Scrub (8oz): $45

Infuse Facial

Using the latest innovations in skin care, our Infuse treatment uses a non-invasive, non-surgical hydrafacial machine that extracts dead skin cells and skin impurities with a gentle vacuum-based method that also stimulates your lymphatic system and blood flow. The deeper, healthy layers of your skin are infused with key nutrients and active serums tailored specifically for your skin’s needs. The whole experience is very nurturing as it resurfaces your skin, providing a powerful, anti-aging treatment with no discomfort or down-time. 
50 minutes: $165
80 minutes: $200

Program Updates

Yoga Schedule

We’ve consolidated some classes and streamlined our class schedule.

Referral Program

Our growth depends on our customers spreading the LOVE. Refer a new customer to us and we’ll credit you $5 toward spa and salon services for each referral!

Birthday Club

Wanna celebrate your birthday with us? Let us know when it is and we’ll give you $20 off your birthday massage that week.

Generosity Without Sacrifice:Half of our profit goes to those in need

Thank you for being a part of our family! Our mission is simple: provide loving authentic service to you while paying forward half of the profit we generate to causes that need it the most. It’s not us being generous. It’s YOU. And each and every person you refer to us. Together we can make the world a better place. 

St. Patty’s Day Potluck 03/17

Grab your shamrock green tee and come hang with us on St. Patty’s Day!
Tuesday, March 17th from 12pm – 9:30pm
Potluck from 12-4pm
FREE Mini Spa Services 4-6pm
FREE Yoga classes at 6:15pm and 7:30pm 
Prana Boost with Tina Balodi 8:30-9:30pm

Bring a green dish to share: Kale & Cucumber Salad, Rice Crispy Treats, Join us Grapes, Spinach Dip, Spinach Tortilla Wraps….get creative! We can store anything in the fridge if needed. LOVE will provide tables, utensils and a delicious green, nonalcoholic beverage.

$10 Cover Charge will get you access to the mini services and automatically enter you in a drawing to win a FREE Week of YOGA or MASSAGE 

Vernal Equinox Celebration 03/22

Join us on Sunday, March 22 from 2:30-4:30pm for our Spring Equinox celebration at the spa.
With the days getting longer and Mother Nature waking up comes an increase in lifeforce enegry. This is the time of year when Vital Energy, sometimes called “prana” or “chi”, is in abundance around us. 
Our Spring Equinox celebration will be honoring this vital energy with specially themed yoga classes (taught by our very talented yogis), expert advice on supplementing and nutiriton for maximum energy levels.
See you there!

Saturday 03/07 at 6:30pm – Recreate Yourself with Lahila Oppenheimer (and don’t forget to spring your clocks forward this night)

Thursday 03/05 and 03/12 – Reveling with the beautiful Beverly Barton

Tuesday 03/17 at 12:00pm – St. Patty’s Day Potluck

Thursday 03/19, 03/26 at 7:00pm – TranscenDance with Jennifer Jimenez

Saturday 03/21 at 2:00pm – What is blocking you from the life of your dreams? with Eden Perish

Sunday 03/22 at 2:00pm – Vernal Equinox Vital Energy Event 

Saturday 03/28 at 2:00pm – Nutrition 101 with Michelle Levine

Yoga and Workshops

We believe a deep, personal connection with ourselves and others is the path to a happier, healthier world. Our sanctuary is designed to create a place of calm; a refuge from the frenzy of our daily lives, where we can explore our body and mind in new ways. Love is proud to offer the Simi community a diverse schedule of activities in our sanctuary including various types of yoga classes,  breathwork classes, workshops, gatherings, special events, lectures and more. If there’s something you are interested in learning about or if you are interested in leading a workshop for the community, let us know.

So feel free to drop in to any class. Try to arrive at least five minutes early to sign-in and get settled. If it is your first time here, please try to arrive a little earlier to get oriented. If you arrive late or must leave early, please do so as quietly as you can.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Love Signature Yoga
Our signature class combining different yoga styles for a unique experience every time that encourages balance, strength, endurance and flexibility. Love is all you need.

A marriage of yoga and the aerial arts. A fabric hammock is used as a tool to help achieve traditional yoga poses. Flight suits optional.

Suitable for all ages. Slow and gentle movements make this yoga a great way to start or end your day. Easy does it.

Longer pose hold times, focus on alignment and use of props belts, chairs, blocks, and blankets in practice. Focus and release.

“Kundalini” refers to the energy at the base of the spine. The practice seeks to awaken the energy at the base of the spine and drawing it upward through each of the seven chakras. Expect lots of work in your “core” area. Intense and empowering.

“Pranayama” is a Sanskrit word meaning “extension of the prāṇa or breath” or, “extension of the life force”. This practice focuses on yoga breathing exercises and techniques to connect with the vital energy that keeps us alive. One, two three. One, two, three.

Commonly called “Vinyasa flow” or just “flow”, the class will be moving, flowing from one pose to the next. Get into the rhythm.

Slow paced yoga practice where postures are held for a long period of time. Hold on

Power Vinyasa
A more intense vinyasa flow class designed to make you sweat!

Family Yoga
Gentle stretching and poses suitable for the entire family. All together now.


Drop in rate (regular 60 min class) – $18
Drop in rate (premium 75 minute class) – $22
10 class pack (any classes)- $140
Week of unlimited yoga (new students, any classes) – $30
Yoga membership (unlimited, any classes) – $99 per month with 3 month committment

Interested in leading a workshop at our facility?

Love Organic Salon, Spa & Yoga offers amazing workshops to the community, most of which are FREE! We’re excited to be a source of wellness education and FUN for the community. If you’d like to offer a workshop, please fill out the information here and we’ll connect with you within 48 hours.

Beautiful thought: “Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. Stay eager.”
–Susan Sontag

Organic Body Care

As much as we might complain about them, our bodies give us wonderful things. The capacity for joy and longing. Our children. Morning runs in the cold. We’ve created spa treatments that pay tribute to the good, hard work of our bodies, and help us to become even more open to the journey they take us on.

Body polishes improve blood and lymph circulation, help fight cellulite, and improve overall skin tone. Our organic body polishes and bath salts are amazing on their own, or they can be combined with a full body massage or eucalyptus-infused steam immersion for a deeper therapeutic experience.

Massage has been practiced for thousands of years all around the world. Its ability to reset the body, cure ills and encourage overall health is legendary. We have highly experienced practitioners and extraordinarily talented therapists who practice from a variety of massage techniques. Don’t be shy – tell your provider about any areas of focus, or if the pressure is too hard or soft. Your comfort is our priority.

All full body massages include a complimentary 30-minute steam room session. Come early to enjoy the steam room before your treatment.


Open yourself more fully to the world with an invigorating peppermint and coconut scrub. This treatment begins with a gentle sugar scrub to exfoliate dead skin and open pores. Next, we’ll apply a peppermint enhanced green clay and seaweed mask to draw out impurities and detox your system. Once rinsed, the coconut, argan, grape stem cells and tea extracts will hydrate and refresh your body. Add a little shoulder and neck massage, and voila! You’ll emerge feeling clean, fresh and ready for anything.
80 glorious minutes – $150


This treatment takes hydration to the next level. Release and relax while we cleanse, scrub and moisturize you from neck to toe with a citrus-kombucha body wash, followed by a ginger lime sugar scrub, and finally a coconut, avocado, apricot, rose-hip oil and vitamin E drizzle and rub. Zowie!
50 intoxicating minutes – $100


Choose from lavender-vanilla, cabernet-neroli, pink grapefruit, lemongrass or cucumber-mint for a personalized scrub. Afterwards, enjoy a warm water vichy shower followed by a whipped body crème and light scented oil application. The perfect facial for your body.
50 yummy minutes – $100


Raidiate celebrates the marriage of the “Polish” body scrub and the “Exhale” massage (see below) and invites you on their honeymoon. Enjoy 30 minutes of customized body exfoliation to stimulate your skin followed by a 50 minute relaxing rubdown
80 melting minutes – $140


First, we’ll prepare a warm, relaxing aromatherapy bath in our jetted tub — just for you. Relax….we promise no children will come knocking on the door. Then, enjoy a 50 minute Swedish massage from your favorite provider.
80 of the most personal minutes – $130


Our careful Pregnancy Massage. Expecting mothers have unique health challenges, and we love to give you the care you deserve, starting with a combination of cushions and bolsters to comfortably support you. Utilizing a variety of bodywork techniques, your therapist will help relieve the difficulties of pregnancy, such as aches, swelling, stress, and fatigue. You’ll leave feeling lighter and more at ease in your body. (Note: Client must pass first trimester of pregnancy before enjoying this massage)
50 “my time” minutes – $95


Our energizing Reiki treatment. This Japanese energetic healing practice is sometimes called “palm healing” which clears energy blockages, promotes deep relaxation, encourages energy balance and facilitates self-healing.
50 freeing minutes – $90


This is Swedish massage at its best. A flowing, low intensity massage with long loving strokes and rhythmic kneading that utilizes light to medium pressure to reduce stress, encourage circulation and aid in pain relief.
50 fantastic minutes – $90
80 hedonistic minutes – $130


The deepest deep tissue massage. Deep tissue does wonders for relaxing muscles, relieving pain, and easing discomfort. Moderate to heavy pressure is typically used, so be sure to tell your therapists exactly how much pressure is right for you.
50 fantastic minutes – $100
80 hedonistic minutes – $150


Our exotic Thai massage. This 2,500-year-old healing tradition performed on a table is similar to that of assisted yoga. Thai massage adjusts and realigns the body through a series of deep compressions, elongating stretches, and conscious breathing.
50 fantastic minutes – $95
80 hedonistic minutes – $140


We love Reflexology. Based on the theory that single points in our hands and feet correspond to each part of the body, this treatment begins by working pressure points in these areas to balance the body and create greater harmony.
50 balancing minutes – $85


This is our loving Shiatsu massage. Often called “finger pressure massage”, this Japanese art of massage uses kneading, pressing, tapping and stretching techniques to open the meridians of your body and create a sense of inner peace.
50 fantastic minutes – $90
80 hedonistic minutes – $130


Ahhhhhh, our Aromatherapy massage. Perfectly suited for stress or emotional-related conditions, this massage features a customize blend of organic essential oils based on your preferences and intended benefits.
50 fantastic minutes – $95
80 hedonistic minutes – $135


Our Craniosacral therapy, the “zen” of massage. Using gentle, therapeutic touch through manipulations of the head and neck, this treatment encourages relaxation and release of tension for whole-body health and performance.
50 loving scalp minutes – $90


Include an additional 15 minute foot rub or scalp massage with any other massage treatment.
15 extra minutes – $25

Beautiful thought: “It’s amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday.” — John Guare

Organic Hair Care

As part of our commitment to our clients, community and the planet, we are proud to offer high-quality hair care products without any of the unsafe chemicals and synthetics. We feature the awesome John Masters Organics and Organic Color Systems hair care products that will make you look your best without compromising your health or the environment.

Love Cut
Style and cut – starting at $45
Kid’s style and cut $40

Blow N Go
Complete Shampoo + Blowout $40

Bang Trim $15

Beard Trim $20

Simple or complex – $20

Scalp Love
Hydrating Scalp mask and massage $40

Hot Iron
Curls or Flat iron styles -$15

Hair Coloring
One Process color – starting at $90
Highlights / Lowlights – starting at $90
Additional color added – $30
Color Correction – starting at $100

KeraGreen—Formaldehyde-Free Straightener $290
(10% for aftercare)

Special Occasion
Event styles up do (short) $60
Event styles up do (long) $80

Beautiful thought: â€śBe yourself; everyone else is already taken.” â€“Oscar Wilde