Best Nugenesis Dip Powder Products

After five decades, nail dip powder systems have resurfaced with vigour. Everyone out there is talking about them, and they are taking the beauty industry with a frenzy. Their popularity has mostly risen from social media where they are giving other nail polishes a run for their money. Furthermore, their popularity has not only risen from their new entry into the market but also because of their numerous merits over the typical competitors. Currently, there are a hoard of nail polishes that one can choose from including the gel-type, gels regular nail polishes and dip powders. However, as many people become aware of the dip powder system, the number of users has continued to increase drastically.

Nugenesis is a trending nail powder that shows massive progress, innovation and competition in the beauty industry. Dip powder system is a perfect substitute for traditional gel polish and acrylics. Nugenesis dip nails are different from, Kiara sky nails, OPI dip nails and SNS nails, among other dip nails in that it is organically processed. Furthermore, nugenesis liquids contain essential minerals like calcium and Vitamin E to ensure increased durability and flexibility of the nails. The resultant coat lasts longer than those from typical gel polishes. Nugenesis does not contain compounds like primers that may lead to health problems. It is also odour free and non-toxic. LED and UV lights are not required to dry it out. The combination of all the essential features ensures that both the nails and nail beds remain healthy and nourished. After a few applications, the nails begin to look more natural and stronger than before. If you are looking for the best products for your nugenesis dip nails, you should consider some of the products featured in this article.

Is Nugenesis Easy to Remove?

Nugenesis dip nails use similar application criteria to that of the other dip nails. However, after almost a month of having the coatings on the nails, some people imagine that the layers are hard to come off. It is easy to remove nugenesis dip nails than typical gel and acrylic polishes. You only need a non-acetone base or acetone, cotton and a foil to remove it. Soak the cotton in acetone and wrap it around each fingernail for 10 to 15 minutes after which the layers begin to peel off. It is good to apply some moisturizer on the nails after the removal of the coating to replenish the lost moisture.

Nugenesis Colors

Currently, there are over 210 nugenesis colours in the market to provide the users with a huge variety to choose from. Buyers tend to save more by purchasing packets of a minimum of ten colours. Some of the most popular nugenesis colours include Nu 13 Five Alarm Red, Nu 10 Pink-Y Toe, Nu 09 Professor-Nugenesis, Nu 08 Queen Bee and many more. The huge variety of colours ensure that you can get a colour for every occasion all year round.

Nugenesis Kit

Nugeneis has various kits. The nugenesis dip powder starter kit is made up of 5 liquid bottles where one of them is a brush softener. It also contains a single 2 oz dip powder color container and a single crystal clear two oz liquid container. The kit contains all the essential products that can be used in making nugenesis dip nails. The resultant nails can be used for comparison with typical gels or acrylics.

Nu-Clear Base Pink and White

A base is mandatory in dip powder nails because it helps bind the content of the kit to the nails. Nugenesis produces white, pink and clear base liquids to provide users with the chicest and lavish looks on their nails. It has up to 24 different types of base liquids that the user can choose from. Depending on what the user wants, the bases a packed in 16, 2 or 4 oz bottles.

Nugenesis Liquids

The NU Liquid Kit is also available in the market for interested users. After purchasing one liquid kit, the buyer is awarded the remaining four liquids essential in preparing and applying nugenesis dip powder mani.

Nugenesis Holiday Colors

Every holiday is catered for in nugenesis holiday colours. The category contains 106 colours to choose from. It has been recognized that people tend to struggle when choosing colours for different holidays but nugenesis has sorted it all. All you need is to visit the nugenesis holiday colour collection and choose the most exciting colours at an affordable price.


Dip powders are the latest trend in the beauty industry, and nugenesis has not been left out. If you have not been a part of the dip powder family, there are hoard benefits that still awaits you on the other side. Just try it for once and see the difference it makes compared to the regular gels and acrylics. Dip powders help you avoid constant nail buffing typical in gels and acrylics where you need to clean and coat the nails using fresh polish after just a few days. Just go for one of the kits offered in this article, and you will not regret it.