Organic Body Care

As much as we might complain about them, our bodies give us wonderful things. The capacity for joy and longing. Our children. Morning runs in the cold. We’ve created spa treatments that pay tribute to the good, hard work of our bodies, and help us to become even more open to the journey they take us on.

Body polishes improve blood and lymph circulation, help fight cellulite, and improve overall skin tone. Our organic body polishes and bath salts are amazing on their own, or they can be combined with a full body massage or eucalyptus-infused steam immersion for a deeper therapeutic experience.

Massage has been practiced for thousands of years all around the world. Its ability to reset the body, cure ills and encourage overall health is legendary. We have highly experienced practitioners and extraordinarily talented therapists who practice from a variety of massage techniques. Don’t be shy – tell your provider about any areas of focus, or if the pressure is too hard or soft. Your comfort is our priority.

All full body massages include a complimentary 30-minute steam room session. Come early to enjoy the steam room before your treatment.


Open yourself more fully to the world with an invigorating peppermint and coconut scrub. This treatment begins with a gentle sugar scrub to exfoliate dead skin and open pores. Next, we’ll apply a peppermint enhanced green clay and seaweed mask to draw out impurities and detox your system. Once rinsed, the coconut, argan, grape stem cells and tea extracts will hydrate and refresh your body. Add a little shoulder and neck massage, and voila! You’ll emerge feeling clean, fresh and ready for anything.
80 glorious minutes – $150


This treatment takes hydration to the next level. Release and relax while we cleanse, scrub and moisturize you from neck to toe with a citrus-kombucha body wash, followed by a ginger lime sugar scrub, and finally a coconut, avocado, apricot, rose-hip oil and vitamin E drizzle and rub. Zowie!
50 intoxicating minutes – $100


Choose from lavender-vanilla, cabernet-neroli, pink grapefruit, lemongrass or cucumber-mint for a personalized scrub. Afterwards, enjoy a warm water vichy shower followed by a whipped body crème and light scented oil application. The perfect facial for your body.
50 yummy minutes – $100


Raidiate celebrates the marriage of the “Polish” body scrub and the “Exhale” massage (see below) and invites you on their honeymoon. Enjoy 30 minutes of customized body exfoliation to stimulate your skin followed by a 50 minute relaxing rubdown
80 melting minutes – $140


First, we’ll prepare a warm, relaxing aromatherapy bath in our jetted tub — just for you. Relax….we promise no children will come knocking on the door. Then, enjoy a 50 minute Swedish massage from your favorite provider.
80 of the most personal minutes – $130


Our careful Pregnancy Massage. Expecting mothers have unique health challenges, and we love to give you the care you deserve, starting with a combination of cushions and bolsters to comfortably support you. Utilizing a variety of bodywork techniques, your therapist will help relieve the difficulties of pregnancy, such as aches, swelling, stress, and fatigue. You’ll leave feeling lighter and more at ease in your body. (Note: Client must pass first trimester of pregnancy before enjoying this massage)
50 “my time” minutes – $95


Our energizing Reiki treatment. This Japanese energetic healing practice is sometimes called “palm healing” which clears energy blockages, promotes deep relaxation, encourages energy balance and facilitates self-healing.
50 freeing minutes – $90


This is Swedish massage at its best. A flowing, low intensity massage with long loving strokes and rhythmic kneading that utilizes light to medium pressure to reduce stress, encourage circulation and aid in pain relief.
50 fantastic minutes – $90
80 hedonistic minutes – $130


The deepest deep tissue massage. Deep tissue does wonders for relaxing muscles, relieving pain, and easing discomfort. Moderate to heavy pressure is typically used, so be sure to tell your therapists exactly how much pressure is right for you.
50 fantastic minutes – $100
80 hedonistic minutes – $150


Our exotic Thai massage. This 2,500-year-old healing tradition performed on a table is similar to that of assisted yoga. Thai massage adjusts and realigns the body through a series of deep compressions, elongating stretches, and conscious breathing.
50 fantastic minutes – $95
80 hedonistic minutes – $140


We love Reflexology. Based on the theory that single points in our hands and feet correspond to each part of the body, this treatment begins by working pressure points in these areas to balance the body and create greater harmony.
50 balancing minutes – $85


This is our loving Shiatsu massage. Often called “finger pressure massage”, this Japanese art of massage uses kneading, pressing, tapping and stretching techniques to open the meridians of your body and create a sense of inner peace.
50 fantastic minutes – $90
80 hedonistic minutes – $130


Ahhhhhh, our Aromatherapy massage. Perfectly suited for stress or emotional-related conditions, this massage features a customize blend of organic essential oils based on your preferences and intended benefits.
50 fantastic minutes – $95
80 hedonistic minutes – $135


Our Craniosacral therapy, the “zen” of massage. Using gentle, therapeutic touch through manipulations of the head and neck, this treatment encourages relaxation and release of tension for whole-body health and performance.
50 loving scalp minutes – $90


Include an additional 15 minute foot rub or scalp massage with any other massage treatment.
15 extra minutes – $25

Beautiful thought: “It’s amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday.” — John Guare