The Grand Opening​: June 2014

LOVE Organic Spa, Salon and Yoga Opening in Simi Valley
March 2014

On May 1st, residents of Simi Valley, San Fernando Valley, Thousand Oaks and adjacent communities will find true love in their lives – the new LOVE Organic Spa, Salon and Yoga sanctuary, that is.

Visionary founder, Klee Irwin, commented, “I want to help solve the world’s major crises, both environmental and humanitarian. I pondered how I might do that through an immersive wellness experience that included spa, salon and yoga. I envisioned a venue in which clients can be nurtured with organic products and the warmest, most genuine health practitioners they’ve ever encountered. Then it hit me. We’d give away half our profits to the charities that our clients choose. So as people expose themselves to the rejuvenating experience of our spa/salon/yoga-studio, they can be gratified by the realization that in doing so, they are offering greater comfort and care to those who need it – giving back to humanity while enjoying themselves at the same time.”

LOVE promises an extraordinary experience that is off the beaten path in several ways. Director of Business Development, Sheri Claflin, said, “We want to be different. Very different. Imagine a place that increases your vitality and nourishes your spirit – leaving you feeling love and gratitude. How do you pull that off? Our challenge was figuring out how to make it really “happen”. As cliché as this sounds, the answer for us was simply to think deeply about our love for the community and our future clients – love above money. Then, immediately ideas flooded our minds. For example, upon entering, each client will be offered a hand-crafted organic cacao truffle and a fragrant cup of our signature latte called Peaceful Bliss infused with rose petals, lavender, passion flower and spearmint. Even our visual space creates a sensory experience with hundreds of gorgeous orchids. Each member of the LOVE team has been carefully selected for that special ‘energy’ that we so rarely experience in today’s service environment – authentic love and respect.”

Massage modalities include Thai, Shiatsu, craniosacral, pre-natal, Swedish, deep-tissue and Reiki (a Japanese “Chi” energy for relaxation and healing).

Facial treatments address issues such as hyperpigmentation, aging, rosacea, acne and chronic dry skin. Only paraben/synthetic-fragrance-free organic products are used, of course. LOVE’s suite of salon services features organic ammonia-free hair color by Organic Color Systems (

Love will offer a wide array of yoga classes, by world-renowned teachers. Varieties will suit the needs of every yoga enthusiast and include Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini and Vinyasa.

LOVE is proud to be one of the very first yoga studios in California to offer aerial-yoga (similar to, where students are suspended in mid-air supported by a hammock. Providing greater flexibility, strength and alignment in yoga postures, people who experience it rave with comments such as “pleasurable” and “rapidly transformative.

One of the enthusiastic co-creators of LOVE, Stephanie Nadanarajah, commented, “We didn’t want to another garden variety spa/salon/yoga studio. Love was born of a deep desire to foster personal transformation while encouraging greater compassion toward friends, family, community and those in need. So allowing our family of clients to choose the charities that our 50% of profits is given to was an elegant solution that appealed to us immediately. At LOVE we’re so proud of the deliciously entrancing experience we have planned for our clients. People will leave our doors buzzing with new energy and positive feelings while enjoying lasting physical, emotional and spiritual rejuvenation.”

For more information and grand opening specials, visit You can also call the spa directly at (805) 520-4SPA. The eagerly anticipated opening, at 2944-E Tapo Canyon Rd., Simi Valley, will be May 1st, 2014.

Beautiful thought: “The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.” —Friedrich Nietzsche